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A Message from Monte at American Leal Detection   
Signs You Have a Pool Leak
A quick review on what may indicate a pool/spa leak:
· You can't balance the chemicals - freshwater is always being added.
· Pool loses more water than regular evaporation, about ¼" over 24 hours.
· Pool has air in the system or equipment loses prime, could be a suction line leak.
· Pool deck is sinking or lifting, indicating soil saturation.
· There are soggy spots around the pool, or water running from the front yard drains.
· Water is added more than once a week, to make up for evaporation.
· The auto fill seems to always be running, it can be heard running.
· The water bill is unusually high or the water meter always spins.
· You can see cracks in the plaster.
These are some of the signs that you can keep an eye on for your customers, when you suspect there may be a pool leak issue.
(916) 331-6443 (office)
(916) 765-5734 (cell)



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